About the company

The research and production enterprise “INITIATIVE, Ltd., member of European Business Association, member of commerce and industry chamberof Ukraine and also a member of Ukrainian Building Association, Association “Builders of railways of Ukraine and Association of “Ukrainian association of design organizations”. Nominee of Х Ukrainian architectural contest “Creativity plus quality” in the nomination of “The best industrial project” and what is more – Laureate of Ukrainian rating for the “Best enterprise 2010” in the nomination “Building” and the winner of Ukrainian contest-exhibition “The best domestic product of 2011” in the nomination “Design and construction of industrial projects”. It has been working on the Ukrainian market since 1992.

            We specialize and have experience in:

  • complex designing of the industrial and commercial real estate objects for new constructions, reconstructions and rebuilding, and for territory with difficult engineering and geological conditions;
  • railroad design;
  • adaptation of foreign technology for Ukrainian construction regulations;
  • realization of engineering works – function of general designer and general contractor;
  • examination and certification of real constructions, buildings and engineering networks;
  • fire prevention design as well as the same in objects with high-risk fire prevention.

To work package of design works we include urban planning study, project endorsement with local authorities, getting the permission for construction, author's and engineering supervision during building of а designed project and participation in bringing it into operation.

Quality guarantee of our design works is achieved by implementation of system of quality control of design works in construction on the basis of DSTU ISO 9001-2001, and system of management of environment on the basis of DSTU ISO 14001-97.

Our licenses:

  • License series АD № 031095 issued by the State Architectural and Building Inspection of Ukraine 29.02.2012. (Appendices - appendix to list of works);
  • License series АВ № 548255 issued by The State fire security department of the Emergency Measures Ministry of Ukraine 23.07.2010;
  • Appendix № 8 to “The list of specialized organizations recommended to execution phase of auscultation of structure and passport system of present buildings, constructions and pipelines and networks”, approved by order of Gosstroy (Sate Inspection of Civil Building) of Ukraine and Gosnadzorokhrantruda (State Inspection of Labour Protection) of Ukraine from 04.02.05. № 28/28;
  • Certification  0184-2011-193169604619-P-139 issued by SRO NP “Razvitiye”(Russian Federation) about permit to definite types of works, that can influence on safety of capital constructions from 19.09.2011. (Appendix to Certification with the list of type of works);
  • Permission № 257.11.12-45.21.1 on beginning of execution of works of increased risk issued by Derzhgirpromnaglyad (Appendix to Permission with list of type of works).

             In 2010 "INITATIVE" RPE, Ltd reached adulthood. It has been dynamically developed and is opened for further cooperation with your enterprise.