Business knowledge and understanding is the base of each person on whom will depend reliability, success in career and family.

Knowledge and experience in construction is a parameter of reliability of the erected industrial, commercial and dwelling constructions.

I think many designers and customers sometimes recollect children’s fairy tale «Three pigs», which shows results of construction with thoughtless attitude. Experience.

All has begun during the first independent steps of Ukraine in the world community, then in 1992 the design enterprise RPE " Initiative ", Ltd was born, there were difficult times for many experts in designing.

The name «Initiative» has been chosen with something behind that because it has united the best minds and many organizations in this branch for a common purpose - Construction in Ukraine.

Our team consists of professionals of the business who works above the best projects in the CIS, whose experience have been brought in development of different branches, there are industrial projects, commercial and entertaining complexes, hotels, logistic cetres, apartment houses, bridges, schools, factories, etc been built with our projects.

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