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    Projects in the CIS

    STF “DOPSOK” Ltd.


      The building reconstruction project under the trade and exhibition centre of the nonfoods on Pobeda Square, 1 in Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region.

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    “Company Remmark” Ltd.


      The project of the building reconstruction under the trade and business centre on Pobeda Square, 1 in Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region.

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    “Arnika” Ltd.


      The reconstruction project of the trade centre “Arnika” in Komunarowsk street, 20 in the city Dnipropetrovsk.

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    “DOPSOK-Invest” Ltd.


      The draft project on the object: “Building-up the small architectural form for the trade purpose in Dnipropetrovsk, near the underground railway station “Kommunarovskoie”.

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    "Аver-Tech", Ltd.


    Trading-warehouses’ design studying in Uman on Energeticheska street, 2а.

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    CC “Agra "


    The design-budget documentation in two stages: Calculation of existing constructions and definition of the constructive decisions at variation of building configuration of hospital №2, city hospital №16 in Dnepropetrovsk on Mironov's street, 12; The operating project of hospital №2, city hospital №16 reconstruction in Dnepropetrovsk on Mironov's street, 12.

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    TD " Vostokstalcontruction ", Ltd.


    Metal constructions (sections of KM, КМD) project performance under the civil-engineering design « The Cathedral of Transfiguration of Jesus Christ», Teremki-2, Kiev

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    "Aver-Tech", Ltd


    Inspection and an estimation of technical condition, the technical answer for an opportunity of reconstruction of the administrative-warehouse case which is located in Donetsk on Economic street, 34.

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    ОSBB "Capital"


    Performance of the metal construction framework project with a view of sagging the second type soil for complete overhaul, author’s supervision at complete overhaul, development of drawings KMD metal construction of an apartment house on Jaroslavov Val street 29-a.

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    PC PI “Dneprprojectstalconstruction”


      The trade complex on Slava Boulevard in Dnipropetrovsk. Selection of the master junctions and constructions.

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    PE “Ilkom”


      The development of the constructive part of the working project on the object: “Building of the trade complex on the crossing Krapotkin and Petrovskogo streets in the city Zholtuie Vodu, Dnipropetrovsk region”.

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