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    The letter of recommendation of DCCI for SPE "Initiative" Ltd.


    Dear ladies and gentlemen!

    We inform you that the enterprise SPE „Initiative“ Ltd. is a valid member of Dnipropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry since July 2009, certificate 12-955, protocol147 (8), since 27.07.2009.

    The enterprise specializes in projecting of complexes and separete objects of industry and commerce for the new building as well as for the reconstruction and complex repair, including territories with difficult engineering and geological conditions. The range of the fulfilling works consists of the railways projecting, adaptation of foreign technology for Ukrainian construction regulations, realization of engineering works – functions of general designer and general contractor, examination and certification of real constructions, buildings and engineering networks, projecting the fire safety systems, including the objects with high-risk fire prevention, development of urban planning study, author's and engineering supervision during building of a designed project and participation in bringing it into operation.

    SPE „Initiative“ Ltd. has a long-term experience in projecting, serious attitude towards the solving the current tasks and has high-skilled specialists with the high level of technical preparation. Within the last years SPE “Initiative” Ltd. has extended the geography of its activity and the large-scale European firms have appeared among the customers.


    With best regards,

    the first vice-president     N.M. Alehnovich


    The response of "Kreizel - building materials"


    The firm “Kreizel” has made a decision related to the construction in Ukraine the dry building mixture plant in the city Fastove, Kyiv region with the efficiency 100000 t per year and general square 1206, 1 square meters.

    For the project realization concerning the plant by the general designer it was determined the projecting organization SPE “Initiative” Ltd.

    We have noticed the high professional level, creativity, reliability,quality and efficiency in the realization of ideas and tasks of the customer within the all period of projecting and construction of the plant.

    In December 2009 the plant was put into operation by the certificate of the Inspection GASK in Kyiv region, which authenticated the compatibility of the complete building object of the project planning documentation, the requirements of the state standards, construction rules and regulations and confirmed its readiness to be put into operation.

    Collaboration with SPE “Initiative” Ltd. allowed to implement our ideas in corpore and nomenclature within an absolute compatibility of the current normative basis of Ukraine.


    With best regards,

    Director of the plant

    Kreizel – building materials” Ltd. E.I. Dmitrov


    The letter of recommendation of the Ukrainian Building Association (UBA)


    SPE “Initiative” Ltd. has recommended itself as one of the best among the designers in Ukraine. SPE “Initiative” Ltd. has recommended itself as stable and reliable partner for the Ukrainian and foreign companies.

    The functions of the enterprise consists of the projecting of complexes and separate objects of industry and commerce for the new construction, reconstruction and complex repair; railways projecting; adaptation of the foreign technology for Ukrainian construction regulations, realization of engineering works – functions of general designer and general contractor, examination and certification of real constructions, buildings and engineering networks, projecting the fire safety systems, including objects with high-risk fire prevention.

    One of the main advantages of the company is responsibility before the parties. Projects-end date is accepted within the moment of the contract signing with a customer and isn't reviewed from SPE “Initiative” Ltd. side any more. We consider nowadays this factor is the significant advantage, which can make this enterprise a leader on the building market.

    Refering to the all mentioned-above things, we recommend SPE “Initiative” Ltd. as a partner for the projects realization of any complexity degree.

    We are sure that the specialists of this company can fulfill the difficult tasks in the framework of various projects.


    With best regards,

    the Head of the Committee of directors of

    Ukrainian Building Association Parihaladze L.R.


    The firm "Vostokstalconstructia" Kiev


    The firm "Vostokstalconstructia" performs works on manufacturing and installation metalconstructions a various level of complexity and purpose on the developed KM and КМD.

    We mark with pleasure positive results of our cooperation in this direction with RPE" Initiative ", Ltd which are based first of all on high quality of carried out works, a professional level of executors, on unconditional performance of the obligations, understanding customer’s problems what would be not possible without well organized team work.

    We express readiness for the further cooperation with RPE" Initiative", Ltd composed of consortium which will be organized on the basis of our enterprises and independent firms entering into its structure.


     Project institute " Pridneprovsky Promstroyproject "

    During last years the project institute « Pridneprovsky Promstroyproject » closely cooperates with RPE" Initiative ", Ltd. There are performed in common many project works on designing new objects, operating enterprises reconstruction and extension, buildings and constructions building designs inspection and strengthening for objects of various industrial purpose. In this connection RPE" Initiative ", Ltd directly participated in designing complex and scale metallurgical objects of the Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical complex, Krivorozchogo mining and smelting complex " Krivorozstal " and others.

    There were provided modern technological decisions of the metallurgical repartitions at designing, allowing to raise quality of let out production by manufactured factories and to the international requirements reduction.

    All project works are executed according to operating normative documents in volumes and nomenclature meeting the established requirements.

    The project documentation quality is provided with a control system of design production quality according to the international standards.

    There weren’t any remarks and claims from customers of the building organizations for the all period of institute joint cooperation since 2001 from RPE" Initiative", Ltd didn’t act.



    Project institute "Dneprprojectctalconstruction"

    Institute " Dneprproektctalconstruction ", Dnepropetrovsk – has long-term experience of cooperation with RPE" Initiative", Ltd. RPE" Initiative", Ltd performs various design works under the contracts with institute DPSK, including:

    - Designing industrial and civil buildings and constructions of various purpose;

    - Industrial buildings’ and constructions’ inspection and certification;

    - Reconstruction of the operating enterprises.

    Works are carried out on a modern technological level with maintenance of high quality of designing. RPE" Initiative", Ltd is the reliable business partner and it can be recommended for performance of design works of any complexity.



    Ukrainian scientifically-research and project institute of steel designs V.N.Shimanovskogo

     Dnepropetrovsk complex branch of PC UkrNIIPSK have been performing various design works for five years in common, or under tasks of RPE" Initiative" (director – Guz’ E.I.).

    The most essential works concern the following works:

    1. Petrovsky DMF’s department of continued steel filling

    2. Dneprodzerzinsk metal complex’s blast furnace №10 reconstruction

    3. Poltavsky GOK’s intrafactory transport objects (transport galleries, reloading units)

    4. NKGOK’s (complex " Krivorozstal ") industrial purpose objects, other objects and constructions.

    There weren’t any essential technical or organizational problems during the specified works performance together with RPE" Initiative". All questions from RPE "Initiative" were solved technically competently and organizational correctly.

    From our part we express readiness for the further cooperation with RPE "Initiative" in the building projects realization.



    Ukrainian scientifically-industrial association " UKRKOKS "

    Ukrainian scientifically-industrial association " Ukrkoks " includes ten chemical-recovery Ukrainian factories which nowadays have problems with existing technologies’ and equipment’s modernization and perfection. In spite of the fact that «Ukrkoks’s» structure includes research and design institutes, the association cooperates also with other organizations which have opportunities of solving all problems operatively and in workmanlike manner.

    One of these organizations, in our opinion, is RPE" Initiative", Ltd. Chemical-recovery factories of association " Zaporozkoks ", «Bagleykoks», «Markohim», in various time, during 10 years cooperates with RPE" Initiative", Ltd.

    Teamwork results were the decision of such problems as: hydroinjection smokeless loading coke furnaces of big capacity, clearing coke gas from hydrogen sulphide in scrubbers of a new design, development of a scrubber’s new design for catching benzene hydrocarbons, an intensification of water-cooling tower of turnaround cycles. It is received also two joint patents for a way of hydrogen sulphide catching and a way of hydrocianic acid maintenance decrease in the coke gas.

    To the works which are carried out by RPE" Initiative", Ltd are involved highly skilled experts of leading city’s colleges directly related to the coke industry.

    We consider, that cooperation with RPE" Initiative", Ltd during enough long period of time was fruitful, and we hope for further continuation of our business relations.



    " Poltavsky ore-dressing and processing enterprise"

    Research-and-production enterprise " Initiative ", Ltd have been carring out the construction works since 1995 which are a subject of licensing for PC « Poltavsky GOK ».

    For the period of the activity on PC « Poltava GOK » objects experts of RPE" Initiative", Ltd did not suppose infringements of operating normative documents regarding performance of requirements to designing.

    For the period of cooperation have been performing works according to a technical condition building metal constructions and working documentation development of a covering and runway designs of the case of bentonit’s crushing and drying, overlappings of concentrating factory of the enrichment case, bearing designs of the case of roasting and cooling of №1,2 shops on pellets’ manufacturing, and also gallery’s №16 technical condition passport drawing up.

    Works were carried out at a high professional level and in terms stipulated by the contract.



    PC " Mittal Steel Krivoy Rog "  

    RPE" Initiative", Ltd have been cooperating with PC " Mittal Steel Krivoy Rog " (earlier KGGMK «Krovorozstal») for14 years.

    RPE" Initiative", Ltd carries out technological and building designing.

    Works are carried out in workmanlike manner and in time.

    Among the executed projects there are works on enterprise’s objects firefighting automated systems installations, on buildings’ and constructions’ inspection and certification.

    In addition it took part in designing objects having the important strategic value for PC" Mittal Steel Krivoy Rog ":

    - blast furnace №6 reconstruction , the 2nd category complete overhaul;

    - blast furnace №9 reconstruction;

    - blast furnace’s №8 central unit and bunker overpass metal constructions’ repair, the1st category complete overhaul;

    - pump station’s of №2 of water supply shop;

    - complete overhaul of finished goods warehouse of mine control;

    - reconstruction of the item Prokat-2;

    - MT-4’s repair
    and many other things.

    Works are carried out with observance of all necessary effective standards and rules, with application of modern technical achievements.


    PC " Markohim "

     Research-and-production enterprise " Initiative ", Ltd, Dnepropetrovsk have been making works during 2000-2001 years on development of technical decisions on reconstruction of a scrubber in 6000 mm diameter with wooden chordate nozzle for catching hydrogen sulphide from coke-oven gas. Works have been executed with high quality according to the requirements. There aren’t any claims to the work quality, the documentation registration, the delivery performance.




    Research-and-production enterprise " Initiative ", as the subcontractor, has been carrying out the construction work since 1993 which is a subject of licensing.

    For the period of the activity on Krivorozsky mining and smelting complex" Krivorozstal " objects RPE "Initiative"’s experts did not suppose infringements of the current legislation regarding performance of requirements to designing.

    In particular, it has performed works in 1998-1999 according to the technical status and working documentation development on strengthening of water-cooling tower’s thermal power station – 1,2 building designs , basic designs DP-6, Gok’s agloshop galleries, works according to runway beams’ technical status of a warehouse of finished goods SPC-2.

    All works are carried out at a high professional level and in time.



    Research-and-production enterprise " Initiative " is the complex organization of the design documentation’s development on industrial and civil buildings’ construction.

    This enterprise executed a number of responsible projects, in some cases, unique constructions which is of great importance in various industries.

    There are blast furnaces’ complexes objects, chemical-recovery enterprises’ conveyor galleries, intrafactory bridge overpasses and transitions, аntenna-mast radio communication constructions, TV and mobile cellular communication and other constructions.

    The big attention is given by enterprise’s experts to the projects quality questions, designs’ reliability and economical feasibility of accepted decisions.

    All projects are realized by construction and successfully maintained. Constructions’ manufacturing and installation is executed in full conformity with the developed projects.

    As a whole the design documentation developed by RPE "Initiative", is carried out on a high technological level and corresponds to requirements of operating normative documents.



    PC «Zaporozstal»
    The research-and-production enterprise " Initiative ", which basic kind of activity is construction work which is a subject of licensing, carries out a number of works on objects of PC
     " Zaporozstal "

    In particular, the following works have been executing during the 1997-2000 years :

    - open-hearth shop’s mixer branches building inspection (a framework, runway beams);

    - blast furnace №2 metal constructions’ inspection and strengthening;

    - KM and КМD drawings development of a court yard foundry frames’ strengthening from a new design working platform’s loadings at blast furnace’s №3 complete overhaul.

    The quality of carried out works corresponds to the current legislation requirements of regarding performance of works in designing.

    There aren’t any remarks on works’ quality from PC " Zaporozstal ".

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